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Veronica S.

Speech Pathologist


Hello, my name is Veronica Hanel Sautter. I am a speech and language pathologist and assistive technology consultant. I enjoy working witha variety of clients – both children and adults – across a broad range of disabilities. I have a passion for identifying and treating articulation and motor speech disorders, augmentative and alternative communication, and emergent literacy instruction.  I have a Masters degree from the University of Oregon in Communication Disorders & Sciences and over 25 years of experience.  

My areas of expertise include consultation, diagnosis, direct therapy, and coaching & mentoring. I have extensive experience working directly with clients, as well as providing coaching and  mentoring to their families, their teachers, and other service providers.  

My goal is to help everyone have a voice. I work collaboratively with my clients to find the best solution, whether that is verbally, with high-tech or low-tech communication aids, or written language. Everyone deserves a voice.  Everyone deserves to be heard. I truly believe communication is a human right.  

ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence

RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional

Trained in the diagnosis and treatment of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders


Veronica S.
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