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feeding therapy

Feeding therapists at Sunbreak work with the patients and their families:​

  • Treating "picky eaters" of all ages

  • Supporting babies and caregivers through transitioning from breastfeeding to eating solids 

  • Helping children, teens and families to alleviate the stress around mealtime

  • Addressing sensory and motor needs of our patients

When is your child’s picky eating something to worry about? There’s a big difference
between simply going through a fussy eating phase, and a child showing signs of having a
problem that requires professional support to address.

What do you need to look out for?
1. Extreme physical reactions and behaviors around food, such as gagging or being sick.
2. Eating a very limited number of foods, then suddenly refusing to eat one of them
and further restricting what they eat (food jag).
3. Only eating one color of foods (tan, white, bland).

4. Losing or not gaining weight during development.

5. Difficulty chewing and swallowing effectively.

Meal times can become stressful for the whole family when you have a child refusing to eat
or eating in a restrictive way. If your child consistently has any of these food behaviors, our
feeding therapy service will give them the support and tools they need to address and
overcome these challenges.

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