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occupational therapy

At Sunbreak we feel that OT and speech therapy go hand in hand, and this is a perfect opportunity to help meet more of your patients’ needs in one spot. 

A child may benefit from occupational therapy if they:

-  Have difficulty using two hands together for tasks or demonstrate poor coordination

-  Have difficulty adjusting to new environments or to sensations such as sounds, touch, or movement

-  Have difficulty using tools for writing or feeding

-  Have poor handwriting

-  Have difficulty getting dressed or using buttons, hooks, or fasteners

-  Have trouble playing with peers or socializing

-  Have trouble tolerating the taste or texture of foods or may be a picky eater

Are not on the same level as their peers in daily childhood activities such as dressing and feeding themselves

-  Need special equipment, which may include adaptive seating or home modifications

What is occupational therapy (OT)?  Occupational therapists address skills that help individuals be successful in their occupations. Pediatric occupational therapists understand that school, play, and self-care are the primary "occupations" of childhood.  Below are some of the areas of treatment that we focus on...

Sensory Processing

 Sensory processing refers to the way our nervous system receives and interprets sensory information from the environment. Our occupational therapist will work on your child's sensory processing to help them better understand and manage their sensory experiences, which can improve their overall quality of life.


Executive Functioning & Emotional Regulation

Executive functioning and emotional regulation are crucial skills for success in both home and school life. These skills involve the ability to plan, organize, prioritize, and manage time effectively, as well as the ability to regulate emotions and behavior in response to different situations. 

Fine and Visual Motor Skills

Occupational therapy is a type of therapy that helps people develop or regain fine motor skills, which are essential for daily activities such as writing, dressing, and eating. Our occupational therapy services are designed to help children improve their fine and visual motor skills..


Social and Play Skills

Occupational therapy can be a great way to improve play and social skills in children. Through various activities and exercises, OT's can help children develop the necessary skills to interact with others and engage in play. Whether it's through role-playing, sensory activities, or other techniques, occupational therapy can be a valuable tool for children who need extra support in these areas.

Self Care & Independence Skills

Occupational therapist focus on self-care and independence skills to help your child achieve greater independence.  This may include hygiene, toileting and dressing skills as well as skills that a older child is working on including cooking and cleaning.

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