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occupational therapy

We have recently added an occupational therapist to our team.  Our occupational therapist, Jill Sivinski, has over 14 years of experience and is ready to apply her knowledge to your patients.   At Sunbreak we feel that OT and speech therapy go hand in hand, and this is a perfect opportunity to help meet more of your patients’ needs in one spot. 


What is occupational therapy (OT)?  Occupational therapists address skills that help individuals be successful in their occupations. Pediatric occupational therapists understand that school, play, and self-care are the primary "occupations" of childhood.

A child may benefit from occupational therapy if they:

-  Have difficulty using two hands together for tasks or demonstrate poor coordination

-  Have difficulty adjusting to new environments or to sensations such as sounds, touch, or movement

-  Have difficulty using tools for writing or feeding

-  Have poor handwriting

-  Have difficulty getting dressed or using buttons, hooks, or fasteners

-  Have trouble playing with peers or socializing

-  Have trouble tolerating the taste or texture of foods or may be a picky eater

-  Are not on the same level as their peers in daily childhood activities     such as dressing and feeding themselves

-  Need special equipment, which may include adaptive seating or home modifications

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