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A love note to mothers

It’s a little late, but this month I’ve been really thinking about Mother’s Day.  I’m a mom, I  know lots and lots of moms, and I am blessed to still have my mom around.  But this note is to all the moms I’ve worked with over the years.  I wanted to say I love you.

Recently, a mom and her child (my client) had arrived a few minutes early to their speech appointment.  I happen to glance out the office window and saw this wonderful, loving, tired mom with her body hunched over her in the driver’s seat, leaning her head on the steering wheel, enjoying a few moments of just sitting.  I imagine her day, full of struggles with a special needs child, loving that child, yet grieving about how difficult it is to just run to the store, worried about how that child will learn to speak for themselves instead of just echo what has just been said by others.  This is one of the many moms I have attempted to help, whom I respect and learn from.  These parents used to picture having a “typical” child, being able to watch them grow as other kids do into adults with jobs and lives of their own.  Then they ended up in a whole different world of therapies, behavioral specialists, neurodevelopmental pediatricians, medications, sensory diets, etc.  I’ve watched these moms put a smile on their face as we celebrate little tiny victories – he signed “more” on his own!, she ate a kiwi!, he asked a friend to play! 📷

I’ve also sat with these moms as they cried defeated and tired, scared and unknowing where their child will end up, or how they will somehow grow up and take care of themselves.

All I can say is…I love you.  I pray for you, I try to make you laugh, I hope I can help.




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