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Being a Speech Therapist is FUN

Try'll like it.

Seriously, try it out. Did you know anyone can act like a Speech Therapist?  Ok, there’s a whole lot more to being a Speech-Language Pathologist than some things I will talk about (of course) but any time you are teaching kids new words or basic concepts, you are teaching communication skills.  Parents, caregivers, teachers…you can help children learn speech and language skills in soooo many ways.

So here’s tip #1:

Add more descriptive words when commenting on things your children are interested in.

My daughter will turn 2 in March.  The other day we were driving down the road and Natalie sees a dog and says “Dog!”.  I see the dog and say, “Yes!  A big black dog!”.  See, it’s that simple.  You’re probably already doing a lot of these things.

Ok, now go play with some kids and try it!  Please feel free to share your stories and successes here too!


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